Friday, June 22, 2007

Word to the Wise

This will be my final blog i believe and its addressed specifically to next year's workshop.

So you have 6 weeks to do a project while enjoying Japan. Japan is hard not to enjoy so i'm not going to comment on that (except Okonomiyaki is amazing). basically i see two options for the project. 1, you can stick to what you know and make a project and get your credits. this is nice b/c you are not dependent on the teachers for information on how to do your project and you can do this, since you've done it before, and will most likely leave you time to go see Japan. The downside to this is that you will not learn anything, so if you came here to learn a new skill....this is option 2, doing something you don't know. this is what i did, i learned Flash action script and garage band; i'm glad i did, but at the same time i was stressed out more, spent more time working on my project to get it to where i could, and i feel i had less time to go see Japan (not that i didn't, but i know if i kept it simple and to what i know i would of had more time to). But like i said the plus is that i learned a new talent from some top-end, high calibar teachers.

so there you have it, either stick to your guns or expand your horizon, its really what you want to take away from this trip, good luck.

Completion and Exhibition

i meant to post sooner, but i guess i got caught up in ending the project and doing as much as i can since i'm about to leave. the project has ended and to sum up our mini-critique last nite in the gallery: my ambition out matched my capabilities, and personally the project is a huge milestone and i am very happy with it, but on the other hand it is not ready for public use. the exhibit is great looking and its nice to see everyone's work. i had a good time, and thanx to my teachers and classmates for all the help.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


still doesn't work, i can have things not work, or work instantly, but god forbid the friggin scrolls open and then the scrolling starts working. i'm pretty frustrated right now b/c i've tried to get this to work in several fashions all of which haven't worked. tomorrow i'm gonna do the other part of my sound thing or w/e and i guess struggle w/ this shit until i get so close to the due date that i just forsake it and all the time wasted and just make a tweened movie...

interactivitiy inactive

i've been messin w/ those invisible buttons today to make my scroll interactive but have not been able to get it to work. what i've been trying to do is have you roll over the right scroll after it opens in order to link you to a different movie clip where i'll have those buttons that let you scroll through my scroll. i've made sure that i have the action script in the button itself and here is what that script looks like:

on (rollOver) {
onEnterFrame = function() {

scroller_mc is the movie clip where i'm going to have all the buttons that let you move around the scroll.

i've decided that if i can get this to work then i'm going to have more figures walking around my little scroll that way its an animated scroll that one can look around at. my figures walk and look good in the movie, but when i put the movie in the file they lose the animation of their legs and just slide. so i've been working on reconstructing all of my pieces in one file and then hit this snag with starting the scrolling. i can have the movie in their and scroll uncontrolled, but the legs of the figures don't work. and when i try to use AS to make it interactive....wait Gian just figured something out that i'm gonna try

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

burnt out

so yea i've been slaving on this crap and i know its tweening and you want it scripted but i'm running outta time and patience and its time for me to crack down and do what i know. i really wanna take the time to do it the action script route, but with time constraints i don't think i have enough time to learn it and use it. but i do have a way in my head that will work...i'm going to put that together and see where i'm at. i feel my ambition has outmatched my capabilities. ugh, i just remembered sound and scrolls...that'll have to be action script... i think now i'm shooting towards something i can present, b/c that seems most important.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

sweet skeet

got the action script workin on my scrolls...they now pop up and when u click them it opens. i also have my scrolling part tweened, so now i need to figure out how to put them in. feelin' pretty good even though i still haven't slept, weird how the human body can go on like this. i'm gonna work more on my illustrations now, possibly the samurai walking flash sequence.

Monday, June 4, 2007

ever forward

so i know i set a bunch of goals for this Wednesday, June 6th, but I completely forgot about the BBQ at our dorm on Tuesday, so I'm pretty certain I will fall short of those. On the plus side I got approval from my mentors so my illustrations of the scenes are coming along nicely and am almost at the point where I want to begin committing heavy time to animation and sound. I did some research Sunday on sounds and found that awesome site that I've emailed to everyone in the class.

on a side note Shogi is the best game ever, Chess for Champs. and i got Tabi boots so heads up cuz i'll b creapin in the shadows