Thursday, June 14, 2007

interactivitiy inactive

i've been messin w/ those invisible buttons today to make my scroll interactive but have not been able to get it to work. what i've been trying to do is have you roll over the right scroll after it opens in order to link you to a different movie clip where i'll have those buttons that let you scroll through my scroll. i've made sure that i have the action script in the button itself and here is what that script looks like:

on (rollOver) {
onEnterFrame = function() {

scroller_mc is the movie clip where i'm going to have all the buttons that let you move around the scroll.

i've decided that if i can get this to work then i'm going to have more figures walking around my little scroll that way its an animated scroll that one can look around at. my figures walk and look good in the movie, but when i put the movie in the file they lose the animation of their legs and just slide. so i've been working on reconstructing all of my pieces in one file and then hit this snag with starting the scrolling. i can have the movie in their and scroll uncontrolled, but the legs of the figures don't work. and when i try to use AS to make it interactive....wait Gian just figured something out that i'm gonna try

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